Monday, December 6, 2010

The Kettle o' Plank

A foldable contraption to allow users to pour water from kettles and larger containers into cups and glasses, with greater ease and efficiency, especially designed for the elderly

By: Hardy Shein from Class 109 (Year 2010)


A creative take on resolving the problem of pouring liquids from one container into another, without spillage.

By: Davina Ling from Class 109 (Year 2010)

The Gas-Goner

A timer designed to be used on cooker and oven knobs, especially for those who usually forgets that there is something cooking on the gas stove! A good and simple way too to prevent house-fires.

By: Lee Si Yuan from Class 109 (Year 2010)

The Medi-Partment

A simple yet innovative solution to reduce the hassle of reminders and multiple steps when taking one's medication.

By: Stacey Yip from Class 109 (Year 2010)

The RemiH2O

A creative yet simple solution to a real or potential problem that perhaps, is something that most of us are  unaware of regarding the elderly.

By: Niklaus Teo from Class 109 (Year 2010)


Combining the designs of everyday items that are usually taken for granted, FrissueBottle is your answer to the occasional times when you just needed your drinking experience to be less of a hassle.

By: Michelle Dapito from  Class 109 (Year 2010)

Spill-Free Cup Carrier

An add-on to those who prefers our coffee or tea as take-aways. A cup carrier that enables its users to take away their worry of a spill when having their hot cuppa...perhaps a more modern twist to the condensed-milk container take-aways of yesteryears.

By: Christopher John of Class 109 (Year 2010)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Redesigning the Food-Centre tables

An idea to redesign the tables and chairs at the food-centres to make it more elderly- and user-friendly.

By: Eunice Loo from Class 108 (Year 2010)

The Grabber-Stick

A walking-stick that incorporates a grabber to allow its user to grab those occasional items that seems to be seemingly 'unreachable'.

By: Christian Lim from Class 108 (Year 2010)

Lightbulb Changer

A good answer to the riddle of 'How many elders does it take to change the light-bulb?'. An innovative way to change your light-bulbs, without the hassle of ladders and breaking your back. As to the answer to the riddle, definitely ONE with this contraption

By: Yeo Jun Jie from Class 107 (Year 2010)


A new idea of how to store and adapt the storage of your typical bamboo poles for hanging of your laundry. Especially redesigned to cater to the elderly, and especially for those small spaces that is so atypical of studio apartment designs.

By: Lim Hao Yang from Class 107 (Year 2010)


Concept design and a redesigning of the everyday mug, to make it more elderly-friendly. Creative ways of presenting his product idea. Check this out!

By: Wan Ray Chow from Class 106 (Year 2010)

Adaptable Cushion

A portable and adaptable cushion design that aims to make that everyday user experience of seating on a seat over a prolonged period of time that much more comfortable.

By: Shairul Mirza from Class 106 (Year 2010)

Seatable Walking Stick

An adaptation of a walking stick with a seat incorporated.

By: Yu Jin Qian from Class 106 (Year 2010)


A product that was inspired by the Ferris wheel, Ferris-Shelf aims to take the difficulty of reaching higher places out of the way by redesigning how shelving spaces should alternatively be!

By: Tan Zhi Yong from Class 105 (Year 2010)


A relook at the design of the simple dumb-bells, that aims to make it more elderly-friendly, and more customisable too. Not only is there a version for males and females, but also one that is specially designed for those who needs both hands to lift a single dumb-bell. And the weights are modifiable too!

By: Foo Zhi Xiang from Class 105 (Year 2010)

Tap Opener

Look at how such a simple contraption could do wonders to your user experience. Plus, check out the creative way at how the 'company' advertises her product on an iPhone app!

By: Pasakorn Konwohrachet from Class 104 (Year 2010)


For those moments that you need some help with the food trays at a food court, this might just be the answer for you.

By: Kimberly Ong from Class 104 (Year 2010)


For those times when holding a cup or a water container is more of a nightmare or a difficult thing to do, here's a possible solution to take those accidental slips away.

By: Lucas Chia from Class 103 (Year 2010)

Platform gap ramp

To take those worries of being stuck in the gap between the MRT and the platform off your chest, here's introducing a simple ramp system that would help to mitigate those feelings away.

By: Koo Bing Hang from Class 103 (Year 2010)

Magnifying Spectacles

An add-on for those times when you need to magnify your vision, here's an add-on that would make your visions that much more clearer!

By: Gregory from Class 103 (Year 2010)

The iRamp

For those hard to clear steps for the wheelchair-bound, here's the iRamp to make it that much easier to go over.

By: Gavin Lim from Class 103 (Year 2010)

The Elder-Walker 2

Redesigning the walking stick. Creative use of Phun to present one's visual ideas with motion.

By: Bernard Ng from Class 103 (Year 2010)

Secure Washing Gloves

A redesigning on the current design of the washing gloves, to mitigate the effects of slippages that could cause unwanted accidents and broken items.

By: Cassandra Ong from Class 103 (Year 2010)

Easy Grip

An attachment to eating utensils that may just be the answer to making that dining experience that much more pleasant for the elderly.

By: Nadiah from Class 1-03 (Year 2010)

The Easy Slicer

Designed to make slicing fruits and vegetables a much safer experience, especially for the elderly.

By: Ho Yan Jin from Class 1-03 (Year 2010)

The Telescopic T-Chair

An elderly-friendly chair that doubles-up as a ladder of sorts to reach to higher shelving spaces. This is a fresh idea on what can one do to add a greater degree of vertical mobility to the elderly.

By: Benz Kew of Class 1-02 (Year 2010)

ReThinking the Trolley Design

A thoughtful and good rethinking of the trolley design, with well thought-off features thrown in to add depth to the overall experience of using the regular trolley.

By: Koh Su En from Class 1-02 (Year 2010)

The Elder-Walker 1

A relook at the walker design that creatively incorporates features that would help the elderly in their daily routines. The well-thought-off features add a degree of depth to the functionality of the simple walker, thus creating a whole new added user experience.

By: Jasper Phang from Class 1-02 (Year 2010)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Walking Mop

A creative take on integrating the walking stick with a cleaning mop. Simple, yet ingenious.

By: Chong Guang Jun from class 1-01 (Year 2010)

The Medicine Dispenser (from the Enigmatic Child diaries)

The A.M.T (Amount, Medicine, Time) medicine dispenser concept idea aims to take away the guesswork from your medication-taking experience, especially designed for the elderly.

By: Calvin Heng from Class 1-01 (Year 2010)

The new improved Ceiling-Fan cleaner

A modified idea on making that back-breaking job that much easier for the elderly.

By: Loh Cheng Ngee of Class 1-01 (Year 2010)

The Umbrella in the Walking Stick

A combined idea of an umbrella in the walking stick, especially for those "Oh I forgot to bring my umbrella!" moments.

By: Tor Ming En of Class 1-01 (Year 2010)

The improved elderly-friendly shopping trolley

A concept design of an improved shopping trolley that is more elderly-friendly.

By: Tan Jian Hui of Class 1-01 (Year 2010)

The 3-in-1 Multi Vac cleaning system

Introducing the 3-in-1 Multi Vac cleaning tool that can help cut down on unnecessary equipments for a more efficient cleaning experience, especially designed for the elderly.

By: Grace Tan Soo Woon of Class 1-01 (Year 2010)