Monday, December 6, 2010

The Kettle o' Plank

A foldable contraption to allow users to pour water from kettles and larger containers into cups and glasses, with greater ease and efficiency, especially designed for the elderly

By: Hardy Shein from Class 109 (Year 2010)


A creative take on resolving the problem of pouring liquids from one container into another, without spillage.

By: Davina Ling from Class 109 (Year 2010)

The Gas-Goner

A timer designed to be used on cooker and oven knobs, especially for those who usually forgets that there is something cooking on the gas stove! A good and simple way too to prevent house-fires.

By: Lee Si Yuan from Class 109 (Year 2010)

The Medi-Partment

A simple yet innovative solution to reduce the hassle of reminders and multiple steps when taking one's medication.

By: Stacey Yip from Class 109 (Year 2010)

The RemiH2O

A creative yet simple solution to a real or potential problem that perhaps, is something that most of us are  unaware of regarding the elderly.

By: Niklaus Teo from Class 109 (Year 2010)


Combining the designs of everyday items that are usually taken for granted, FrissueBottle is your answer to the occasional times when you just needed your drinking experience to be less of a hassle.

By: Michelle Dapito from  Class 109 (Year 2010)

Spill-Free Cup Carrier

An add-on to those who prefers our coffee or tea as take-aways. A cup carrier that enables its users to take away their worry of a spill when having their hot cuppa...perhaps a more modern twist to the condensed-milk container take-aways of yesteryears.

By: Christopher John of Class 109 (Year 2010)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Redesigning the Food-Centre tables

An idea to redesign the tables and chairs at the food-centres to make it more elderly- and user-friendly.

By: Eunice Loo from Class 108 (Year 2010)

The Grabber-Stick

A walking-stick that incorporates a grabber to allow its user to grab those occasional items that seems to be seemingly 'unreachable'.

By: Christian Lim from Class 108 (Year 2010)

Lightbulb Changer

A good answer to the riddle of 'How many elders does it take to change the light-bulb?'. An innovative way to change your light-bulbs, without the hassle of ladders and breaking your back. As to the answer to the riddle, definitely ONE with this contraption

By: Yeo Jun Jie from Class 107 (Year 2010)